More Bluejacking Fun!

Hey! So here's some more fun for you intrepid Bluejackers out there. If you're Bluejacking a Series 60 phone, why stop at a generic address message? If you send an HTML document and the person accepts it, it'll auto-magically open up their WAP browser (Services) to view the app. If the .html document has a link to an image, it'll prompt the user to open up a network connection. So that's evil thing #1.

But this is even *more* fun. I forgot all about the wtai:// protocol until we were having a conversation in the office about it today, and I wondered if it still works on the 6600 (a WAP 2.0 browser) and it does! Fun stuff! So, the next time you're bored in a train station, why don't you send this document for fun:

<title>Test Call</title>
Hey! <a href="wtai://wp/mc;+12024561111">Click here and call George</a>.



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