Task Switcher for Symbian Devices


One of my coworkers just showed me this great free utility for Symbian devices called Switcher from a German company called Knowledge Intelligence AG. It's like a "lite" version of AppMan that I had trialed a while ago, but have since forgotten about. It'll allow you to see apps and processes currently running, and allow you to wack errant programs if need be. It's like a Ctl-Alt-Delete for your phone. Nice!

This is definitely a must-have app for Symbian developers. David in the next cube told me for example that he's set off background processes before, and had no way of getting to them except this app. The reason they showed it to me is that I ran a J2ME app on the phone and something happened, and the app wouldn't close or exit. There's no way to get to it normally, and I was forced to have to reboot my phone to clear it out. This is a very handy tool to have to be able to terminate these types of processes.

Another wacky J2ME thing on the 6600. Oof. Unbelieveable. At least the apps run in their own memory space. If you wack one Java app it doesn't affect any others, which is nice. I was expecting just the opposite.

Cool. I'm going to have to add that to the very popular What's On My Nokia 6600 post.


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