It's my Birthday!


Hey! It's finally here! Or is it... hmm. I was born around 9 a.m. EST, so that means I'm still 3 hours early... urgh! Damn timezones. Well, it's close enough for me. Welcome to my birthday! Please, help yourself to the candies and enjoy the music.

I think this may be the first birthday ever when I wanted to put on the brakes... I've always been excited about birthdays, I mean, you're one year older! That means you're one year closer to all those cool things that'll happen off in the future. But that stuff has all happened to me now. Seeing the world, marriage, having a child, etc. Oh-oh. Now what? Middle age, getting fatter, greyer, balder, etc. etc. Arrgh! Hold up! I want to go back to my 20s for a bit! I mean, damn, doesn't this ride stop along the way for breaks? And is it my imagination or did someone speed up the dial? Christ, I've blogged just about every day of this past year and it *still* seemed quick. Urgh. I may need a drink...

I've always wondered why some people hated their birthdays. They were just clued in a little earlier than me, I guess.

On that bright note... :-)


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