AT&T Wireless EDGE Developer and Integrator Training


I just got the AT&T Developer newsletter which has a link to a Placeware (MS LiveMeeting) webcast of a conference last month for EDGE developers. It's pretty interesting... right off the bat I learned that my Nokia 6200 only uses 2 of the 4 channels that EDGE offers, and that with a dedicated modem, you'd have twice the throughput.

EDGE Developer and Integrator Training

This training Webcast provides insight on building applications for the new AT&T Wireless EDGE network. Peter Rysavy, a wireless industry expert and executive director of the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA), leads this 3-hour session. Learn about EDGE technology, application development considerations, networking details, security, and more. Presenters:

* Peter Rysavy, President Rysavy Research

Length: 3 hours divided into 4 sections with Q&A after each section


* Section 1
o Benefits of EDGE Technology
o How EDGE Technology Works
o Supported Computing Platforms
* Section 2
o Applications Software
o Communications Protocols
* Section 3
o Networking Details
o Security Mechanisms
* Section 4
o AT&T Wireless Network Interfaces and Services
o Migrating applications from CDPD

It's a 3 hour presentation, so I haven't seen the whole thing (and not sure if I will) but it's definitely a great resource if you're interested in next generation mobile services.


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