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I've been using an older version of Agile Messenger on my Nokia 6600 because the new one didn't work, however AgileMobile has released a new version for the 6600 and it looks pretty great. One of the cool new things is that it acually gives you the option of connecting via your PC rather than over GPRS. This is pretty cool as I spend most of my day in the office within Bluetooth range of my PC - so I could log on with my phone when I go to a meeting and have IMs arrive to me there, but without incurring GPRS charges. You could do this before by setting up a blank connection and mRouter and all that, but it's cool that this is actually a menu option now. Phone to PC connectivity is definitely a up-and-coming option I think.

I was just going to post about Agile, but then I remembered that I discovered something the other day that I haven't blogged about yet. If you are using your 6600 to access WAP pages via the integrated Services WAP browser- say for AT&T Wireless' mMode site - and the site isn't displaying correctly, there's an choice in the Services Options menu called "Normal display" which toggles from "Vertical display". God knows what this feature is supposed to be doing and why it's set to vetical by default (thus screwing up mMode's pages) but simply choosing that option in the menu makes mMode display correctly. Very cool... I need to figure out 1) Why mMode's pages don't come up correctly and 2) what exactly "Vertical display" is? Some sort of poor-man's small screen rendering?

The Nokia 6600 has proven to be an amazingly popular subject this month on my weblog. Google and the other search engines has referred literally thousands of people to my What's on my 6600 post and half as many people again came looking for the 6620. I'd say that's a very good strategy for devices if you want to be considered the expert online. Step one is go spend a bunch of money and be the early adopter. Second is to play with it enough to get an idea about its pros and cons (not just a 'this is a neat thing' review) and then Third is to post a comprehensive how-to guide about it before anyone else gets around to even owning one. When the bell curve of adoption continues moving on, you suddenly get pushed to the forefront on Google simply by the numerous links to your website from others on all the tech forums out there (thanks Reebz). I know I for one will be playing this game again once I can get my hands on a 6620... :-)



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