Apache 2.0 + Tomcat 5.0 Hell

Since I'm moving to Tomcat 5.0 on both my personal site and work (I can't think in two web servers well) I wanted to do it the "right" way and install Apache in front of the Java server. Apache has a ton of features "out of the box" so to speak, like flood control and redirects, etc., and allowing Apache to manage serving up the images and other static files will ease the load on the Java web server. This is all good.

Setting it up, is not.

What a pain in the ass. First, why doesn't Apache just have a "install with modules support" option? Why am I setting flags and recompiling all the time. I thought DSOs were supposed to be like DLLs in that they're dynamic, etc. But Instead I'm modifying conf files, setting flags, compiling (or rather, *trying* to compile) and otherwise still screwing around with the mod_jk2 install two days after first starting...

I bought the O'Reilly Apache book last night and everything... I now understand 10% more than before. WTF? How can this server be the number one on the Internet? It's such a PITA.

Is there something I'm missing? Please, please educate me if so.


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