Red Hat Linux

I think it's a major, major loss that Red Hat Linux is no longer going to be supported by Red Hat. I wonder if they realize the huge hole they've left in the Linux world. I've alwasy been a Red Hat guy since I started using Linux years ago, starting with Redhat 6 - not as old as some, but quite a long time ago to me.

Now that they've end of lifed RH9 in just a couple of months, it's just left this massive void in the Linux landscape. Wasn't Red Hat the preferred distribution out there (at least in the U.S.)? And now what? Move to Fedora? That project doesn't look like its going to have the support either from the community or the businesses out there. Debian is strong as always, but political and remains hard to install. SuSe? That might be an option since it's owned by Novell and has the backing of both IBM and Sun. I mean, I know that RH Enterprise still exists, but the for the majority of my projects I don't use Oracle, I use MySQL because it's free and available - same thing for my LinuxOS.

This isn't news. It's been announced for a while, but today is the first time it's bitten me in the ass. A RH8 server I'm working on doesn't have the support it needs, and now the choice is "where to go"? And it's not a good one - from two perspectives. Now I have to think about which Linux is going to be around for a while, and secondly, I have to start the learning process again to figure out which distrib I want to personally support in the years to come.



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