Python on the S60


MobileWhack has pics of Python on Series 60 as shown by Nokia CTO Pertti Korhonen during the keynote at ETech yesterday. If you missed it, there's a stream of his talk online as well. He's sort of the dry Finnish type, but it's very cool to hear what head techie at Nokia has to say about upcoming technologies and trends.

I'm still amazed that this happened actually. I said this back in September of last year:

What Symbian needs is a more robust scripting language that is *officially* supported by Symbian itself, not fobbed off to Open Source developers. It needs to be decent enough to get some real work done and support real commercial development. Python would be a great candidate, actually. There's even an old Python for EPOC project out there that hasn't been updated since 1999. How much serious developer goodwill would Symbian garner by making Python its official scripting language? Would that rule or what?

Instead of Symbian, Nokia ends up producing the goods. (Well, same thing right?) Wow... Had I known they were going to be granting my wish I may have wished for something else (that's when I was going through my Python phase I think...)! Anyways, I was right - this is definitely going to produce lots of developer good will.

Very neat. Now I wonder when we'll be able to get our hands on it? :-)


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