Go Gavin!


I was just watching The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and it had a story on the marriages between same sex couples happening here in San Francisco. I totally forgot to post about this! Check out the story here. In it there was a short statement from Mayor Gavin Newsom:

We made a statement and I think we have re ignited a fundamental debate, and that's about discrimination, whether or not the city and county of San Francisco is going to discriminate against same gender couples.

And I don't think there's anyone in good conscience, and I mean this sincerely, in good conscience that can tell me that denying the same rights that my wife Kimberly and I have to same sex couples is anything but discrimination.

Let me just say that I think we have the coolest mayor on the planet. It takes major cahones to take on your own state government, and really the entire nation since this is making national news. For those of you out of town, this is the guy that was portrayed in the last election as the overly conservative candidate. LOL. Here's more in the New York Times, and a great commentary in the Chronicle.

Man, I'm proud to live in San Francisco.


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