I just voted! It was very amusing because the little card I got from the department of elections told me my polling place was "garage" on Avila St. It's usually a grade-school basement of a library or something so I had no idea what to expect. But sure enough, if you check out the pictures, it was an actual garage around the corner from where I live. I would've taken more pictures, but the people manning the polls were looking at me strangely enough as it is. Am I allowed to take pictures at a polling place? I don't even know.

Anyways, the ballot was pretty simple as it's not the general election. When the real thing comes around in November, there'll be a lot more to do. I say this because I've been trying to explain to my wife what it's like voting in the U.S. and especially California, with the various federal, state and local officials (12 city council members to choose from out of like 40 names?) not to mention the various statewide propositions. I was in there for probably 10 minutes just making heads-or-tails of the ballot.

My wife voted last year in Spain and I went with her. She walked in and walked out in 40 seconds flat. I was like "what the hell was that?" Because it's a parlimentary system there, she chose the card of her party she supports, dropped it into an envelope and into a box and she was done. I was like, no wonder the rest of the world thinks the U.S. doesn't have a clue - we've got 20 pages of hanging chads and they've got a system along the lines of 'pick a card, any card'.

Anyways, you can see from the above pic that I chose Edwards as my pick for the Democratic candidate. I honestly don't think he'll be able to pull a rabbit out a hat and beat Kerry for the candidacy, but I'm trying to send a message that I think Edwards "two Americas" message is the right one and that Kerry needs to either choose Edwards as the VP or incorporate that message into his own if he goes against Bush in the Fall.


And of course, Edwards drops out - I don't even think the polls here in California are even closed yet! Oh well. Like I said, hopefully the message will get through. Kerry/Edwards 2004!

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2nd, ELECTION DAY 2004: This is *BAD* very very bad. Do not take a picture in the polling booth!!! I didn't realize before I did this that things like this can be used to buy votes, etc. BAD BAD BAD. Don't do it.

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