Sunny California


In December, while we went down to my brother's house in SoCal, I grabbed my bike that my brother was storing for me and another one that he wasn't using for Ana and we brought them back. Since then it's been crazy and I haven't had a chance to go out and get a seat for alex and helmets for us until yesterday morning. So finally we were able to go out and have a nice bike ride yesterday.

I'm *so* out of shape. Fat. Huge. Lazy-ass. Speaking of asses, mine kills. We were on the bikes for all of an hour, biking down to Fort Point but my butt feels like I was one some 30 mile ride. I've got to start excercising more.

Anyways, we ended the ride at my favorite little park in the world in the corner of the Marina called Fort Mason. It's just great. Relatively secluded, large open green space, views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge - it's just great. There's also a little nook you can get to near the Youth Hostel where you can have a picnic near the old battlements (cannon and all). It's really fantastic. Anyways,it's also a good place to watch the sun set over the hills of the Presidio.

It's another beautiful day today (Sunday) as it was on Friday when we had what I gather is a regular Friday occurance of a barbecue on the terrace. It's just *so* nice being back in California. A week into March and it feels like mid Spring already. Fantastic.



P.S. Oh, my aching ass.

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