Web Meter?

Is there something out there that tests your web server's ability to serve requests in a slowly increasing way? What I want is a way of testing my website for maximum speed/bandwidth, but automagically. The stuff I've seen so far doesn't ramp up to speed, it just starts pummeling your site right away with various threads etc.

It seems a pretty simple app to write. First, do a request, get the results and save them. Then start slowly ramping up the requests and comparing them to the first. Start adding more requests per second with threads, etc. Eventually the server will start serving up results more slowly, or just returning crap (Tomcat). I want to see what that level is in terms or requests so I can then start tuning the web server.

I need to look around some more, but everything I've seen so far is more hit-or-miss - set up a bunch of requests and watch what happens. Change params, repeat. Urgh.


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