I read this quick interview with Slashdot's Rob Malda (CmdrTaco) and I couldn't believe this bit:

Right now my bag has a Nokia 3360 with a pretty much permanently dead battery (I hate getting cel phone calls so that suits me.)

Great. Now we know why the coverage of mobile technologies is so freakin' bad and why the morons on Slashdot continue to post such stupid responses to anything that *does* have to do with mobile technologies. I still see dumb ass responses to new phone tech with "who the hell needs a phone to do anything more than make phone calls?" Bozos.

What we need is a MobDot. Yeah! Now, I'm not talking about another freakin' gadget blog, but something for hardcore Mobile Geeks. I want posts like "Dear Mobdot: what's the best way of supporting WAP pages targeting 456 different telephone models?" and "MobTechnica has a new article comparing the ARM9 to the newly announced ARM11." and "UMTS rollouts in Australia have surpassed most of the Western world, what are the 3G lessons from down under?" Shit like that.

Are you with me?


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