I've been debating this for a few weeks now, but I think I'm about to change my main domain to and move my weblog to What do you think? Please consider this post a "confirmation" post.

The benefits of moving to the url first is that it's a quite bit shorter than my current monstrousity of and also allows me to create subdomains for Alex. Plus my email of is a bit redundant... is so much cleaner, no? (No worries about people accidentally putting in because I bought a 10 year lease on from NetIdentity like three years ago.) And thirdly 74.3% of the people in the world don't realize that Russell has two s's and two l's . (Count them). I don't know how many times I've told someone to check my site for one thing or another, and after they type my URL incorrectly a few times, just revert to going to Google to look me up.

The downsides is that the .info domain isn't nearly as cool as the .com is it? And there are still dumb-ass javascript forms and cgi-scripts that reject four letter extensions. And people can't spell Beattie either with any regularity and think I'm saying Ross when I say Russ, so that doesn't really matter, and finally, most everyone defaults to putting a www in the URL first thing anyways. That last bit is definitely a bit annoying - every time I manually type in's site or I always forget that they don't begin with www and wonder why the domain doesn't just pop up from my history cache.

You tell me: What do you like: or ?


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