Stupid little things you should've thought of a long time ago that make your life so much easier

Last week I reversed the listing order of my downloads directory. For years I've been downloading new files into the same c:\download\general\ folder and then having to scroll to the end of the list to find the file and use it. Suddenly it just dawned on me to 1) Turn off the details view in my downloads, and right-click in the folder and choose "arrange icons by modified" twice, which makes all of the new files arrive first in the list. Fantastic!

Why the hell didn't I do that a long time ago? Like in 1995 when I first started using the Windows 95 interface, for example? What *other* little troubles do I go through every day repeatedly that could be fixed by taking two seconds to change ingrained habits?

Really, I need to just sit in the lotus position for a few hours and just examine my life in detail. Actually, I really need to go to work... it's 11 and I haven't even shaved yet...


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