Catch Up

No significant posts from me for days. Oh-oh. I was waiting until the sensation that I *had* to post went away. I hate when blogging feels like homework, which is what it's felt like since early last week, and just got more intense as things happened later on. I'll have to catch up now.

Another gorgeous weekend in San Francisco - I'm going to post more about it in detail. We went to a birthday party on Saturday morning (Alex had a meltdown of course) and then afterwards I ate lunch and hung out with with Christian Lindholm and Minna from Nokia (more in a bit) and then yesterday I battled with the software for this weblog (again). I've written and re-written the code so many times that it's now just impossible to find what I've done before. But each time I rewrite the thing, I learn something new, discard some things and add new things in and go backwards on other stuff. I need to just *get it done*.

So now I'm back to work. I'm back on deadline here. Urgh.


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