Yet Another Spam Rant

I'm just about at the end of my rope when it comes to spam. I'm getting *way* less than 1% real email now. Overnight I regularly receive 200+ emails and maybe 1 or 2 is a real email. Then throughout the day it's just constant. This is insane. Is it just the price for having a weblog and open emails, or is it just a completely fucking broken system?

For some reason Procmail isn't picking up the messages tagged by SpamAssassin, so they've been coming down to my machine where Thunderbird has to filter them out. Two things about this: first, it's a good thing this is happening on one hand, because I'm realizing how many false positives SA was making - I've since set up a whitelist for certain email addresses. Secondly, it's driving me nuts the constant alerts for new email even though all of it is marked as junk! Urgh! If none of it is real, then don't tell me about it! Simple!

Still - even with Thunderbird and SpamAssassin I *still* have to wade through dozens of crap emails each day. I'd really like to do awful things to the people who send this junk out.

I need a better solution. Anyone got better software I can install on my Debian box? Tips on how to set up SA to learn better or ways to automate whitelists? Isn't there a way to set up Exim (my MTA) to bounce all email the first time it arrives so that it cuts out all the crap from spammers (who's MTAs never bother trying to resend email?)

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.


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