Mobilopia? How uncreative can an agency be?


Some bright sparks have created a new mobile marketing company called "Mobilopia". Hmm. Where have we heard that type of name before? Ahh, that's right, the oft-neglected, never duplicated, still chugging, original Mobitopia. Can you believe these guys? Are you kidding me?

The name "mobilopia" doesn't even make sense. Mobil + opia? They're going to be talking about an oil compania? Mobi + lo + pia? Mob + ilopia? There's lots of good domain names still out there, if you're a marketing company you probably should've come up with one. I mean, if you're going to typo-squat someone's domain and weblog, you might as well be a bit more creative about it, no?

Anyways, I wouldn't mention it except that I want to make sure that Google notes the difference.



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