Amaretto: Nokia's Python for Series 60

I've been invited to join Nokia's pilot program for Python on Series 60! Woohoo! I have to sign an NDA and can't share the code, but I can talk about it. This is very cool - as I've been wondering what's up with the scripting stuff on S60. Just the email invite to join the program alone explains *a ton* about the status of the project.

It's like this: Python is still considered a "research project" at Nokia. In order for Python to move from "research" to an officially supported product, it must go through an internal review process. To help build the case for approval, Nokia is looking for input from select external developers like myself. This a just a technology preview, yet the more feedback and interest, the better chance Python has of becoming an official development language for Series 60!

This is pretty exciting. It's amazing to see a wish become reality in so few months. And it's interesting to hear once again that Python is the focus (like the demo we saw at O'Reilly's ETech) rather than Perl which had also been reported. I'm going to mail the NDA over to Nokia today and I should get the install shortly thereafter. Once I play, I'll post my impressions.

While I'm on the topic, I still actually "owe" a review of the Nokia 7610 that Christian lent me a month ago. That's why I have it after all - I just haven't had a moment to really write up my thoughts. Short version: great form factor, great pics, cool video, interesting new default apps, worst-ever keypad. But I'll write more later, promise.

Cool beans.


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