Howard Rheingold just wrote a quick review of one my company's products over at The Feature. Very cool! Howard met with my boss Tasso a few weeks ago to have lunch and to get a demo of the app, and emailed me for my thoughts as well, so we knew the article was coming. Here's a quote from my boss doing the big waving hands thing:

Reoumeliotis' grand vision: "We enable a single screen archive to catalog an anywhere, any time visual history. WaveMarket can maintain a daily history of what happens anywhere - from this time forward. Events - big and small - state primaries, Middle Eastern conflicts, neighborhood improvement projects, family reunions or baby's birthday can all be captured, broadcast, shared and archived. A visual history of the world, from today forward, written by the people of the world as it occurs."

What we're working on is so amazing, we have a word for the the reactions of customers who see it work for the first time: "euphoria". As in, "has that potential client had the eurphoria yet?"

Crap, I've got to get back to work. Thanks Howard!!


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