Christian's Online Lifeblog


I noticed some updates on Christian Lindholm's weblog in my aggregator, so I went to check it out, and though the main page hadn't been updated, it seemed like there was a lot of activity in his "moblog" section, so I clicked over to his Moving Trail sub-blog and low and behold, it's a page that looks and works a hell of a lot like the Lifeblog demo he gave me a few months ago! Very cool!

Nice. I'm not sure if SixApart/TypePad had any role to play in that UI - I think it's just Flash-widget that Christian (and/or the guys at Nokia) whipped up as a demo. Remember, Christian has that little PhotoBlog app which uses the Atom API to post to TypePad. But still, it's cool functionality to see. Makes you realize where Nokia's eventually heading with their currently off-line Lifeblog.

Man, I've got to get that 7610 review written!



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