Nokia Launches New 6170, 6260 and 6630


Because we don't have much better to do, the guys in #mobitopia have been monitoring the Nokia Press page and wow, there's three new press releases several hours early. Matt beat me to the blog, so I'll just copy his summary:

On a whim, I thought I'd take a look at the Nokia press site to see if there would be a webcast for the new phones.  Lo and behold there is already information up about them:

  • Nokia 6630: Tiny 3G
    • Series 60
    • WCDMA, EDGE, or old-skool
    • About 500 Euros in Q4 2004
    • 74 megs of memory
    • 1.23 megapixel camera
    • 1.27 grams, 110x60x20.6mm
  • Nokia 6260: Series 60
    • VPN
    • Supports the new Nokia Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboard
    • About 400 Euros in Q3 2004
  • Nokia 6170: Flippy
    • EDGE
    • XHTML, MMS, 65k colors
    • About 250 Euros in Q4 2004

I'll get a photo of the Series 60 phones when they comes up.

Update: In the race to post we didn't actually click beyond the first page. ;-). There's actually a lot more being announced including two entry level phones (the 2650 flip phone and 2600), Series 60 "Feature Packs", a Bluetooth Keyboard for S60 phones and more.


Update 2: Reuters has the story now. We beat them by 3 minutes. :-)


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