Hani Can Blow Me

This is just a public note as I see that Hani is attacking me in the comments on another blog.

The guy is a complete wanker. He's tedious, boring, and does on endlessly in possibly the most mindless yawn-inducing style I've ever seen on javablogs. Thankfully, I'm spared all that since he's been on my ignore list. I suggest you do likewise, he has NOTHING to contribute.

This is very, very amusing as Hani only became my biggest detractor after I banned him from commenting on this weblog, and after he whined at me about it, I sent him this email:

From: Russell Beattie <russ@russellbeattie.com>
To: Hani Suleiman <hani@formicary.net>
Date: 3/12/2004 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: Err


I don't like your weblog, and consequently, I don't like you. I think all that negative and abusive crap you spew is not funny, not insightful and pretty much not worthy of anyone's time.

Basically, you're not welcome to post on my blog, ever.


So we see, I became the #2 on Hani's deck of cards and now am the target of his attacks on other blogs because poor little Hani's feelings were hurt. Good. The guy is a useless fuck spewing negative garbage and contributing nothing to the Java Community.

This blog is 100% new ideas and insight. I bitch when I find something to bitch about, I praise when I see something to praise. I swear when I'm angry or annoyed and I write long love letters when I'm happy. It's all me. 100% real, non pretentious and non condescending. I don't think I'm better than you like Hani does. I don't think I know it all, I freely and easily admit mistakes here. I change my mind constantly. Search for "Struts" on this blog and you'll see the mind of a schizo, one moment in love, one moment in hate. That's reality, that's all me. No pretense that I somehow know all.

The verbal defecation that Hani spews out on all of us shouldn't be praised, linked to or acknowledged. If anyone is tedious and contributes nothing, it's Mr. Suleiman. The annoying facade of intelligent belittler is really just nothing more than a cover for an obnoxious thin-skinned wannabe loser.

So fuck you, Hani, You whinging piece of shit. I don't want to hear anything more about how boring or mindless I am since you seemed to be quite happy reading me and commenting on my blog before I told you what a despicable, reprehensible person you really are.

How's that for Bile, you pretentious fuck?


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