Best JavaOne Since 1999!


I predict this year's JavaOne is going to be the best one since the heydey of Java in 1999. Why?

1. I'm back. I haven't even been in the country, let alone San Francisco since then. That alone is going to make it better for me. :-)

2. The Buzz Is Back: Anyone here in the Valley can feel that the tech industry is resurging. Mobile Java is ubiquitous, Java is the established leader on the server and there's opportunity and energy bubbling up everywhere.

3. JavaBlogs (and, JavaLobby and TheServerSide): There's a tighter community of Java developers out there than ever before. This is going to make the conference a lot more "closer" and allow everyone on the *outside* of the conference to take part vicariously as well.

4. Apple's WWDC: It's at the same time and across the street and will add style (and women) to what would normally be a hordes of geeky developers talking about technology plumbing.

5. The Party!: There's going to be a JavaBlogs meetup Monday at Thirsty Bear! Be there and be square! I mean, Dave, Matt, Simon, Tim, Mike, Bob, Charles and more are going to be there. Rock on! I'll make sure I bring lots of J2ME toys to show.

As for the conference sessions themselves? They don't seem bad. (Remember, generally avoid sessions given by a Sun employee since it'll be 99% marketing.)


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