Rapid Post


I have no time.

Monday: I went to the blogger's meetup. It was great, I saw tons of people who's weblogs I've been reading for years. Really fun. I had a glass of beer and paid for it the next day with a long hangover. I need to either drink much more or never.

Tuesday: Worked, realized that MyEclipse is worth the cash and then some. Highly recommended.

Wednesday: Went to the Mobile Meetup, saw Bill Day and chatted with some great people from Nokia (David, Carlos, Colleen), Symbian (Ed, Sandra), OpenWave (Luca), and UIEvolution (Joe and... Chris? I'm so bad with names). I got a free book and a Mobile Geeks Rule T-shirt, *and* I got to fondle a Nokia 6630 (awesome!) and a DoCoMo FOMA F900i (amazing!).

Thursday: Is it July already?


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