Always On Innovation Summit


I got a "blogger's invite" to the Always On Innovation Summit hosted down at Stanford in a couple weeks.

Update: ooops. I was looking at last year's agenda! Doh! That explains the old buzzwords, but also means that no one's been reading my weblog after all... which is too bad, as this year's mobility session isn't going to be as interesting as last year's. ;-) It does have speakers from the telecommunications industry: Qualcomm (Dr. Jacobs) and Motorola, but just not as many.

Wireless War: What Technologies Will Win?
Host: Bill Gurley, general partner, Benchmark Capital
John Muleta, chief of the wireless bureau of the FCC
Paul Jacobs, EVP & president, wireless & Internet group, Qualcomm
Ron Sege, CEO, Tropos Networks
Padmasree Warrior, CTO, Motorola
Scott Richardson, General Manager, Broadband Wireless Division, Intel

There are some other interesting sessions as well.

It's [still] a good week to be a blogger. [Even though I obviously suck at it.]


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