Bay Area Events Blog

I just discoved this really cool blog for those of you living here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Events Blog. It's really great! I mean, it may just be that this weekend is a holiday (American Independance Day for those of you in other countries who've never seen a Hollywood movie) but it's very informative and - best of all - filtered.

This sort of thing is perfect for blogs and aggregators. I was looking in the San Francisco Chronicle, in Google, in Craig's List and other places and the signal to noise ration was very, very low. A blog about the same subject, however, is perfect. One person making that effort to filter out all the crap for us.

I am neither hip, nor with it, nor "tuned in" to what's going on locally and am always the last to know about cool events in my area. Don't you hate it on Monday when you come into the office and someone says something like "yeah, I spent all weekend at such-and-such event, it was great! It was right down the street from you, you didn't go?" That's me. Always.

Looks like we're going to take a visit to Marin County Fair today. The fair-grounds were designed by Frank Lloyed Wright, which is pretty neat, but I'm looking for a typical American fair to take Ana to on her first Fourth of July in the U.S. Should be interesting at the very minimum... :-D


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