Kerry/Edwards 2004!


Kerry picks Edwards! Woohoo! I wrote back in march that I hoped my vote for Edwards here in the California primaries sent a message to Kerry that Edwards' "Two Americas" message is the right one and that Kerry pick Edwards as his VP. Looks like it worked! I think this is great. Not only is Edwards is going to give a lot of zing to the Democratic campaign that it's currently missing, but Edwards has the right message and is really in touch.

The Republicans have already announced their vicious attack ads to distort Edwards' record and ridicule his experience, but the Republicans can't touch the fact that millions of people voted for Edwards already and they'll do it again. And they can't touch the fact that Edwards really gets what's going on in this country and has the right ideas on how to fix it. In fact, I'm sure the Republicans are going to throw everything they can at Edwards - even moreso than Kerry - because his ideas most threaten the inequality and injustice which the Republicans promote and thrive upon. I'm sure this pick has scared them out of their minds. Woohoo!

Go Kerry/Edwards 2004!


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