Moderated Comments

I decided not to play wack a mole any more with spineless cowards so I just implemented moderated comments. If you leave a comment, at first the only person that'll be able to see it is me (when I sign in). I can then approve them which pops an IP address into the approved table and you'll then be able to comment directly from that point on (or I can ban you entirely still). I decided this was easier than messing with passwords and registration. Just about the only people it really affects adversely are commenters on dial-ups.

Once again I'll just have to reiterate that this isn't a public forum, this is my personal weblog. I've just removed myself from the Artima and JavaBlogs indexes, and thus am here findable only through the links from other websites that have voluntarily published them. And being that this is my site, I get to decide the content that goes on these pages and into my feed. If I don't like what you have to say, I won't allow it to be published on my site. Simple.

If you don't like that, go get your own blog, I'm sick of dealing with it.


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