Watching the Demos


I didn't TiVo the convention speeches like a dork, but thankfully CNN is rebroadcasting them now so I can hang out online and watch them pretty much as they happened. Did anyone else notice profound buzzing during Al's speech? Republican dirty tricks or just sloppy audio-work?

I did see wrapups when I got home and of course read a bunch of summaries online. It looks like the first day was pretty much on target. It's *amazing* how much sense Al Gore made didn't he? And I love Carter's dead-on attacks. Jimmy's so rock-on amazing. And of course Bill and Hillary, they're like rock stars.

Anyways... Good time for posting while pausing TiVo during commercials. :-)

Update: WOW! Dave Sifrey on CNN!!! ROCK ON! (Yes, I know you all saw this hours ago...) Totally cool!

Update 2: I've included a screen capture of some weird-ass subliminal message broadcast by CNN. It appeared in a blink and took me a few minutes of moving back and forth in TiVo to see it. Lava Lounge? Huh? I Googled and didn't come up with anything that made much sense. Weeird.


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