Yann Arthus Bertrand Aerial Photos


A bunch of really cool pictures taken from the air came through JavaBlogs this morning... I have no idea what the blog is for as it's in Chinese Korean [yes, I'm an ass for not knowing the difference], but it's definitely worth passing on. Actually, following the image links lead to this site in French. Good thing the pictures speak for themselves. :-D

This is what Babelfish thinks the top of the blog page says:

It is a butt and sprout the photograph author ' The ground which is visible from sky ' The army bedspread which is a yearly exhibition work with the subject which is to like this real nature will be beautiful rightly and the song which will not be?

Gotta love machine translations...

Update: I corrected the language and updated the title in honor of Mr. Bertrand who died yesterday is a really cool photographer. Thanks to all my commenters for educating misleading me.


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