Bluetooth Crippled in Verizon's New Motorola V710


UPDATE September 27, 2005: Verizon has settled the Class Action Lawsuit. Click here for more info..

So in case you were thinking about all the cool stuff you were going to be able to do via Bluetooth with your spanky new Moto V710 on Verizon's CDMA 2000 1x network, forget about it. It only supports handsfree use. Arguably, one of the main reasons that people have been so excited about this phone is the potential of using Bluetooth on a CDMA phone for the first time, but nope, the phone's been crippled.

First I tried to send the V710 an image I took with my S60 Nokia phone and it refused - even though I could see the phone while browsing Bluetooth devices. It didn't prompt to pair or anything, it just cancelled the transfer. Then Vineet went into the photos section of the Moto and tried to "send via Bluetooth" as you would normally do, but there was no option of that sort. Since my Moto A845 which has an identical UI has that ability, this phone has obviously been made so that only Bluetooth headsets are supported.

Gotta love carrier paranoia, no?

Update: Alright! I was wrong (and happy about it). Charles gave me the heads up - it looks like the V710 does indeed support dial up networking! I just confirmed and though something went wrong (not exactly sure what) the phone definitely connected and dialed. It's still too bad the other profiles aren't supported - sending photos to other phones and my computer is probably the number one use of Bluetooth for me. Syncing as well - I wonder if the phone can be synced? Doesn't look like it.


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