Nokia 6620 Available at AT&T Wireless


Via Mobile Tracker.

I've been *waiting* for this phone since it was announced in January. Just like my beloved 6600, but with faster data access. Now what? I've got a fantastic new 7610 which I'm very happy with. But the 6620 has EDGE! I guess I'll just have to go down to the AT&T store and do a side by side comparision to see if the data rate improvement is worth the cost and the loss of the higher-resolution camera.

There's too many Series 60 phones coming out now! I've resisted the $200 on the QD because it's not really any different from the N-Gage I already own. (By the way, I just got Tiger Woods for it yesterday - Ewan's review was spot on - I was 5 under par on my second round of play). And there's now this phone and other non-Nokia versions as well! I'll never be able to use them all...

Of course, the phone on my short-list now is the 6630 round-bottom 3G phone. Looking online, though, it doesn't look like it'll work with the UMTS frequencies here in the U.S. and it'll be years before we see a 6635 or some-other number which will be the NA spin off phone... Hmm.

Here's a link to the AT&T Wireless site.


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