Email Backup

If you've emailed, say, in the past month or so, I'm sorry if I haven't responded yet. I'm trying to get it now.

To help me cope in the future, I've unusubscribed from everything. All lists, newsletters, updates, etc. If the emails were sent from a machine, I've gotten rid of it. I'm using email now for what it's meant for: personal messages. Any lists I felt are important to monitor (KVM Interest and Atom Syntax) I'm now using Bloglines' email system. Works like a charm.

I've also cranked up SpamAssassin's intolerance level as well. If you've sent me an email that wasn't plain text - or sent from Outlook - you might want to try again if you haven't heard from me.

All this has made my inbox so quiet, there's been moments in the past few days I've wondered whether it was working... Joy. Now I just need to through my pending emails and I'll be styling...


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