Bob and Katie Must Die

I don't know what sort of stupid fucking rednecks NBC is pandering to, but I was nothing but insulted and enraged by the ignorant, offensive and jingoistic remarks made by the NBC's "hosts" of the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight. What assholes, both of them.

And fuck you, NBC. I've got TiVo, so I simply waited one more hour (after the 10 you already made us wait) and didn't see one of your incessant commercial breaks, either. Not that I was enjoying much your shitty camera work anyways, but cutting out large chunks of the ceremonies didn't help. Amazing, this is the first night in a long time I wished I was living back in Spain instead of in the United Corporation of America. Assholes.

I will pay real money to the anyone who sets up an internet video feed of Olympic coverage from some other country so I don't have to watch one more minute of NBC.


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