8:30 P.M.

It's 8:30 at night, and I'm still at work. This isn't unusual, but what sucks is that it's dark out. We've crossed that line in Summer where the days are going to start getting noticeably shorter, and then BAM, in about a month, we turn the clocks back and then it gets *really* dark. Suck.

It reminds me of Meg's post from two years ago:

I got up a bit earlier today than usual and noticed the sun wasn't yet shining into the living room -- it was still hanging low, behind the houses across the street. Quite suddenly, I experienced that pang of "summer's over," as I realized how the days have already grown shorter and images of dark cold winter flooded my mind. Of course, winter in California is neither that dark nor that cold. Growing up in New England must (weather) scar one for life.

I remember that post because I linked to it back then - I had only been blogging for a few months and that was the first time I totally connected with another blogger's thoughts.

At least it'll start getting warmer soon, though. (Welcome to San Francisco).


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