Where do Cable Cars Sleep?

Okay, if you're not a parent, you can pass by this post.

I was driving home late last night up Bay and I crossed over Hyde (the Rice-O-Roni hill) and I noticed when I looked down to the water that there wasn't any Cable Cars lined as per usual. And I thought, "Where do the Cable Cars go at night?"

That's when I thought of a fun children's books. My two year old is currently obsessed with vehicles of all sorts. His favorites are buses and especially fire engines. So I thought a great book for him would be a little 12 page picture book where the first pages show different vehicles - buses, cars, fire engines, cable cars (because you know, that's something you'd see every day. ;-) ) "working" in the city. Then at night, you get to see where they "sleep". The Cable Car (the protaganist of the story) passes by all the vehicles on the way home. Fire Engines asleep in the Fire House, cars in garages, etc. And once I figured out where the Cable Cars go, that would be the last one.

I thought it was a cute idea. My kid would love it.


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