6620 Followup: EDGE ROCKS!


When I reviewed my office's Nokia 6620 the other day, I mentioned that I didn't see much difference in the networking speed and that it was strange as I expected more of a bump up. I spent a few minutes the other day verifying that it was exactly the same as my 7610 then asked our business guy here to call AT&T Wireless and see if there was a problem. Though they claimed there wasn't, after he re-confirmed the settings and got on the right data plan, suddenly the 6620's network connection *flies*. Rock.

Subjectively, it just feels quicker. Quick like you'd expect it to be coming from the wired PC world. Suddenly GPRS, which is just tolerable moves up to EDGE which is pretty good and you can *feel* it. (Though I've seen what WCDMA has in store and I can't wait to get a decent phone for that network!). I used the integrated web browser and tried loading pages which came up quickly and also playing videos - whereas before it would take up to 30 seconds to start playing a small video (including the Real Player startup time), now that EDGE was working, it takes less than half that (making the videos really compelling).

Objectively I held a race. I downloaded a 500kb .3GP file on the 6620 and on my 7610 at the same time. The 6620 finished while the 7610 was still at around 175kb or so. Very cool. Then I loaded up Opera (thanks Dag!) and started browsing around my website and Google News. Wow, that is definitely great - the pages popped into place a lot lot faster. Just like on your desktop. Awesome.

Bottom line? I'm going to be getting a 6620 very soon now. As much as I like the higher resolution camera on the 7610 as well as its physical form factor, the 6620's more than doubling the networking speed and exact same OS is too much for me to resist. I use mobile networking daily, and really want that speed boost.

Very Cool. I even did some side by side comparisions this evening of the video on the Samsung MM A700 and the 6620, both took about the same time to start up and play, and the video resolution was the exact same. My version of heaven, really.



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