The Mobile Phone Directory


I've been remiss in not linking to the incredible Mobile Phone Directory, a new site which does which I could only dream of: catalog a bunch of popular phones out there with detailed information about each one. It's an incredible amount of work and something that I would have loved to have taken a few weeks to do myself (remember "mobknowledge?").

I'm starting to get a lot of referrers from the site as well. It's filled with such great info, I think in a short while it's going to be Google's authority for many of those phones. If you think about how much traffic Google can point to your site, that's not a bad business model at all. Find a subject (in this case mobile phones) and create an online repository of information that is very search-engine friendly. Soon you'll have searchers beating a path to your website.

Look at this little weblog. As of this moment, my post about the 7610 has attracted 1581 unique IPs to that story this week alone, the v710 post has attracted 1511 viewers, and my various 6600 posts have attracted a few thousand more. I'm on track for around 55,000 unique IPs this month, and at least half of those are Googlers. My online ads which show up only for searchers have garnered a nice $250 so far this month. Not bad.

That's just 3 phones. Imagine if you made the effort to post long intelligent summaries of every mobile out there? That's what The Mobile Phone Directory is doing and I think they're going to enjoy great success. I think their next step should be *developer* info, which is harder to garner, but for that reason would garner much more link love and after that some sort of help forum for newbies. But one step at a time, what they've done so far is a metric crapload of work.

Great job!


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