Hey, I forgot to mention that I ponied up and bought a *much* larger memory card for my phone. The other day I was taking pictures of something when I found that I only had room for a few more pictures. I thought I must be using the phone's smaller internal storage by accident, but nope. 30MB of audio books and a few hundred high-resolution photos and videos and my 128MB MMC was completely maxed out.

I needed to get an Reduced Sized MMC for my 7610 anyways - jamming the battery and back of the phone on over a normal sized MMC was a bit ridiculous and made it almost impossible to swap out the SIM for testing (which I do regularly). Also, like I've written before, I've had nothing but headaches getting the 7610 to talk to my PC over the USB cable, so the best way to transfer any data is really by using my memory card adapter (which just appears on my PC as another drive). Not being able to get at the memory card because the back was jammed on made this impossible as well.

The 512MB RS-MMC cost $109 from the Flash Memory Store and it arrived super-promptly in the mail. Yeah, it's a generic Yahoo store, but my experience with them was great. As you're *never* going to find an RS-MMC in your local Best Buy, this seems to be a good option at a reasonable price. Well, reasonable if you're willing to spend that sort of money on a very small computer chip. I bought a 120GB back-up hard drive for less than that a few weeks ago. Then again I paid roughly the same amount for my Birkenstocks this past weekend. Aren't market forces grand?

A half a gig of storage on my phone!! My 7650 had 4MB available and I thought it was amazing. I was *very* tempted to buy a 1GB MMC for only $114 (up to $140 in other places), but I really wanted the RS-MMC to fit neatly in this phone and wasn't sure if it would even work (that site says "generic" memory, whatever that means). I'm still questioning that decision though. Yes, it's nice to be able to take the 7610's back on and off without jamming a pen into the slot, but I'm probably going to be moving to a 6620 soon for the faster data access and that phone supports normal-sized MMCs. HHmmm.

<homer>MMmm... One Giga-Byte... *drool*</homer>

Anyways, since like nature, I abhor a vacuum, I'm now going through and seeing which apps and content I've culled from my phone over time because of memory constraints. I'm definitely going to put a coupole hundred meg of MP3s on it, fill 'er up with ebooks and pdfs, then see what sort of space I have left...

Man, that 1GB card is still calling to me though...


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