My site is currently under a slashdotting (to my Bluetooth is Crippled post). I saw a referrer from last night, so I was aware that it could be coming. Thankfully my link is the last one of six or so links and the topic isn't "Linux" or something like that.

Right now I'm getting about 10 hits a second and the server's holding up fine. Remember these pages are just basic JSTL. I am using SimplePool which is pooling connections to a MySQL database, so unless it gets a lot worse than this, the site should hold up just fine.

If there server *does* start throwing up 500s, I'll just slip in OSCache tags and that should help. I'm debating whether to do that now... but I don't think it'll be needed. If my site was the only one linked to, and the topic was more slashdot-meat, I'd be more worried. We'll see.


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