September 2003 was a good month for weblogging

Wow. It's September. Fall. Autumn. Kids go back to school, Summer's over, etc. etc. I'm currently mind blown at how fast time is going by. Something made me look at last September's posts and it dawned on me that it's been a year since I left Spain. A YEAR. The official date is in the beginning of October, but September was when I was posting about the move.

September of last year was an amazing month of posts for me. I predicted Nokia's future sales problems, and was the first to urge them to adopt a scripting language which they did, exactly as I had written. I also wrote about flips vs. candybars which got me an interview in the Wall Street Journal, posted about apps for my 3650 and how to "refresh" the phone. (These are posts that still get loads of hits a year later). I enumerated my ideas for MobKnowledge which I tried to launch, but didn't have time for. Posted about Palm and Microsoft, got into a fight with Scoble, and reported on Google's Adsense shinanegans, which prompted the company to change their T&C to put a gag order in the next day. This among many, many other thoughts. It was a damn good month for weblogging.

Of course, I wasn't working at the time, so I had plenty of opportunity to write. But wow. The thing that blows my mind is how long it's been since some of these posts, but I can still remember writing many of them like it was yesterday. And I've been back for a year now. Reading those posts about "wrapping my mind around the move"... it's incredible. Okay, maybe not to you, but to me. I still feel like I just got here. But it was a *year* ago. So wild. I'll be reading these words in a year thinking how quickly that time passed as well, won't I?

Excuse me while I go have a little cry.


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