I'm heading up to O'Reilly's Foo Camp tomorrow along with a few hundred other really cool geeks. I was invited last year, but didn't get to go because I was in Spain so I'm looking forward to this year's event. Though I'm sure it'll never be as good as last year's because that's how these things go. ;-)

My "thing" I'm going to contribute is a moblog I've dubbed FooTV. This is a realization of my Personal Broadcasting theories I've been expounding. I'm going wander around with my Nokia video phone and record what's going on, ask questions to the other guests and take video of their answers and send them off to FooTV to be seen by thousands of net heads this weekend. I'm also going to teach everyone I can who has a video-enabled mobile to do the same.

If you think about all these different, really interesting people all taking videos of each other and posting them online for the whole world to see, you kinda get the thing I'm looking to do. Not just a personal broadcast, but a democratic broadcast.

Let's see if my site survives it. ;-)


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