Yeah, that sleeping in the car thing?

That was dumb.

First, to the wackos who left me messages calling me all sorts of names because of my "gas-guzzling, Iraqi-baby-killing" SUV, you need to relax. It's a Saturn VUE, basic, standard-transmission, front-wheel drive and gets 28mpg on the highway. I'm not driving a fucking Hummer. It's the modern family vehicle: there's just enough room for me, the wife, the kid in the baby seat, the stroller, various toys and a bunch of grocery bags. Okay?

What there's not enough room for is actually sleeping comfortably in the back on an inflatable mattress. First, the back isn't as flat as I thought, so I feel like I was either sleeping uphill or downhill. It didn't feel like that when I tested it out, but after an hour or so of squirming around, it was impossible to get used to - and the bed, opposite of my original assumptions - just made it worse. Then it was freezing. And my cough from my bronchitus a few weeks ago returned with a vengence.

I made it until 4 a.m. before I decided I was either going to find a room, or just drive home. At that time at night it would've taken me 50 minutes... luckily I found a Travel Lodge in Santa Rosa that had room and was open at 4:30 a.m. and got a room for the evening. I didn't get in and to sleep until at least 6... I just barely got here to Foo and missed Tim's "keynote". I should've just driven home last night, I would've been here earlier and happier.

Anyways, I've had my coffee and am looking around for sessions to go to. FooTV has started taking on a life of its own (I haven't posted to it today and there's already some pics and videos). So that's great. I'm going to wander around and pigeon hole people with camera phones and get them to start posting as well.


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