My Star Wars Box Set on DVD Arrived!


I pre-ordered this box set to Star Wars months ago, and it just showed up today (after I got an email telling me it had shipped yesterday, to my surprise). This sorta got me into hot water as I'm on a "gadget and toy moratorium" until I get a job, but I'm very happy that it came. Star Wars! Yeah!

I'm not some Star Wars nut job, but man these movies are good, no? Not the new ones, those pretty much suck. But the original trilogy is just awesome. And now on DVD. I remember myself and some friends in college would rent all three videos back when, make huge quantities of pop-corn and hang out all day on a Saturday watching the movies. By the time it was done, you really felt the gravity of the whole epic, but also that you never wanted to see Star Wars again for a long time.

Well, it's been a long time. I can't wait to start these bad-boys. I just sat down and put the "extras" DVD which has a documentary about how the original movie was created - definitely pretty fun to see. I was born in 1972, so I was about 5 or so when the original movie came out in 1977 and my babysitter took me to see the film during a matinee (my parents owned a restaurant). I remember very distinctly that I couldn't read the opening segment, so she had to be read it to me. How's *that* for a long-lost memory.

More memories... I never had nearly enough Star Wars toys. They were all like $5 or so, and that was a lot of money back then. I had a friend though who had the whole Star Wars thing going on in his room. Posters, toys, sheets, etc. Man! I want a Star Wars bed set! I'm going to have to look online, someone one sell them!

I've got bad feeling about this.



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