Do now, think later


I just stumbled upon this Tom Peters' online presentation called This I believe which is very cool for a variety of reasons. I generally like and agree with everything that Tom says. I've written about him before while I was living in Spain. All his books have been translated and reproduced for the Spanish market (though I didn't read them, I just saw them).

The quote above is very interesting (Do now, think later). The slide before that said "Action always wins". If there's a mistake I've made time and time again it's in overplanning. The over-analysis and paralysis that creeps up on me as well as the search for the silver-bullet. Hopefully, I've learned and won't fall into this trap any more.

The other reason the presentation is cool besides the content, is that the design and format is *really* neat! Perfect for the web and probably for a presentation as well. I'll have to figure out how to get Acrobat to make slide shows like this. Very cool.


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