QD Roadshow at The Marina


So we wandered the couple blocks down to the Marina Green here in San Francisco to watch the ships come into the Bay for Fleet Week activities, and what do you know, there's two game trailers there set up for non-existant crowds to play PlayStation 2 and - believe it or not - The N-Gage QD.

I was pretty amazed at that. Being the mobile geek that I am, I bee-lined over to the Nokia truck and explored the games they had on display - with techno music blaring and videos, it was pretty neat. It did the job - I'm definitely going to go buy Ashen and Crash Nitro when my gadget moratorium is over.

I just saw a TV ad from Cingular of all operators as well promoting the QD, so I guess Nokia's starting now in time for Christmas. Very cool. I still wish that the QD had a camera and kept its MP3, but It's definitely a lust-worthy gadget even still, especially at the pricepoint it's being sold for.

Very cool.


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