Erik Thauvin has done it again with his new open source J2ME app called GooglME. It works by creating a GUI front end to Google's new SMS service I wrote about the other day. Instead of having to remember the different keywords for the different types of search services, Erik has provided a simple text box and drop down instead. Then when you click the "send" button, it sends off an SMS to Google and you get back your responses in your inbox. Very cool.

This app only works on Java phones that support the Wireless Messaging API - Erik has a list of phones he's tested it on so far. This is a pretty fun app - I can think of lots of ways this can be improved upon already. Remembering your last few searches and a persistent place to specificy your location, etc. I'm jealous I didn't think of this first! See what happens when you get someone like Erik a cool phone? He starts getting all creative on you and takes away your thunder.



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