Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder?

The Washington Post captures the mood in my household. I don't know about you, but this article is way too close to truth to be a joke:

Americans are in the grip of a monster case of Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder. No one is talking about voter apathy anymore, because the opposite is more likely the case. People care too much. They're losing sleep. They're having bad dreams about unfavorable tracking polls.

PEAD worsens as Election Day approaches and it's a 50-50 country and there's a war going on and people are dying and the talking heads are howling and the polls come firing at your head like fastballs. It's too close to call, too close, too close, we know the whole thing could pivot with the slightest breeze, that nothing is too trivial now, that even the slightest verbal gaffe by a candidate or his wife or one of the daughters could have a butterfly effect on world history.

I'm watching the McLaughlin Group right now and Lawrence O'Donnell - who's normally so reserved you might not know he's a liberal - is yelling at the top of his lungs about Bush/Cheney fear mongering.

Nice to know I'm not alone.


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