Republican Lies and Voter Suppression Efforts Continue

Heard of the "chaos" that's going to be a the polls next week? The long lines? The "armies" of lawyers? Guess who's coming up with these lies? You got it, scumbag Republicans are doing everything they can to spread these rumors to prevent people from going to the polls.

First of all - no matter what state you live in, no matter if you have to crawl through glass on your hands and knees to get to the polling booths, you better vote this year. No excuses. I swear if I meet anyone after November 2nd this year who said they didn't vote for whatever reason I'll punch them in the face. Make sure you tell every one of your friends and family that you'll do the same.

Secondly, don't believe the Republican lies! Republicans don't want you to vote! It's as simple as that. They want to take away your fundamental rights. Don't let them! I heard some Republican on NPR yesterday talking about how the Democrats want this election to be decided "by trial lawyers", which is not only rich coming from the party that won the last election in the Supreme Court, but also an outright lie. Republican claims of massive voter fraud are outright bullshit, where efforts on the part of Republican officials to disenfranchise tens of thousands of minorities in swing states is a fact and will continue right through election day. Republicans will stop at nothing to stay in power, make sure you and everyone you know votes to prevent it.

On Election day be the biggest pain in the ass ever: Ask your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, even people on the fucking street: "Have you voted yet? You're going to right?" Offer to give rides, give information where they can go to vote, etc. And make sure to vote early so you don't get caught in last-minute lines and then spend the rest of the day showing off your "I voted" sticker and make sure every single person you pass has one as well.

When The People Vote, Democrats Win.


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